Phase One Report Presented to the Board of Education

On July 19, 2018 a presentation was made to the Ogden School Board of Education providing a summary of input gathered throughout the first phase of the school bond proposal development process. An overview of the communication channels utilized to communicate with school district stakeholders regarding the bond proposal process and how to be involved was provided.

As part of the listening phase, stakeholders were invited to participate in structured engagement sessions to work together to identify the most urgent needs of Ogden students, while sharing what they value most, as related to school facilities. Feedback and input received from the engagement sessions was documented, including retaining artifacts from the process including notes, posters, worksheets, surveys, etc. This information was made available to the Board of Education in a written report. 

The presentation made to the Board of Education is available for download at .

A full PDF report of comments received and survey data is available at  Over 325 instances of written correspondence were received and are included in this report. 

It was proposed that informed by the recommendations made by stakeholders regarding urgent needs and values, the Ogden School District will develop and communicate a clear bond proposal plan to meet the most critical needs, while aligning with shared values whenever possible.  

Additional information regarding Phase Two: Action Planning will be made available on this website. Individuals interested in participating in engagement sessions are encouraged to provide contact information through the Get Involved form on this site. Additional opportunities for stakeholder input will be available throughout the process.