Phase One: Listening


The following key objectives are waypoints in the listening phase:

Identify stakeholder groups who have input regarding the needs of students in Ogden School District and put into place effective communication channels to reach these stakeholders. 

By proactively reaching out and providing a channel for input, Ogden School District prioritizes engagement and listening. 

  • Implement specific communications channels most effective in engaging the stakeholders in the process. 
  • Communication channels could include face-to-face meetings, gatherings, open houses, electronic media such as web surveys, television, and radio, and print media such as mailers and newspapers.

Invite stakeholder participation in structured engagement sessions to work together to identify the most urgent needs of Ogden students, while sharing what they value most, as related to school facilities.

Stakeholders will be invited to engage in a structured process with the goal of creating a consensus regarding the most urgent needs of Ogden students. Stakeholders can exemplify the ideal of listening and engaging in a transparent and open way. The process will also ask stakeholders to identify and prioritize what they value as related to school physical facilities. 

  • Create formal methods for all levels of engagement.
  • Allow stakeholders to share and prioritize values. 
  • Document and report on the engagement occurring, including retaining artifacts from the process including notes, posters, worksheets, surveys, etc. 
  • Produce an easy to understand, simple, clear document summarizing the most urgent needs.

Communicate with clarity the priority of engaging and listening to stakeholders through the process of identifying critical needs for students.

Voters must be confident in Ogden School District’s process for engaging and listening to stakeholders. 

  • A bond-proposal-specific website will clearly communicate the school district’s promise to listen and make informed decisions.
  • Social media will communicate information, while providing tools for the community to also share information. 
  • Presentations will share information with public groups regarding the engagement process.